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For those of you lucky folks that live in a city with a reasonable mass transit system — and no, buses don’t count — you know how nasty those subway bars can get. With the TranStrap ($17) you can worry no more. Its makeup of heavy nylon webbing, aircraft grade aluminum, and high-friction neoprene will keep you secure, and the germs from the “less desirable” passengers far from your hands.
[via Gizmodo]

  • Mile High Mini Kit

    Just when you think they've thought of everything comes along something like this. Mile High Kits are "sexy travel kits filled with erotic essentials for love on-the-go." The discrete Mini Kit ($22.50) comes in a compact, sleek case that holds two condoms, a bottle of lubricant, and a whisper-quiet mini-massager.

  • Zippo Cargo Case

    Even if you don’t smoke, a lighter can still be a handy thing to carry around — especially in outdoor settings and when you're bored and want to amuse yourself with some lighter tricks. Now you can bring it on your air travels, provided it's in the Zippo Cargo Case by Otterbox ($13). The DOT just approved this puppy for travel in checked luggage. It’s the only way to get your favorite lighter to your next stop, so does it really even matter that it’s crushproof, waterproof and floats?