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Tumi Compatto Travel Reading Glasses

Tumi Compatto Travel Reading Glasses

When you're travelling with glasses — reading glasses included — the more compact they become, the better. And these Tumi Compatto Travel Reading Glasses ($125) are some of the most compact we've ever seen. Thanks to a patent pending frame design, the Compatto features unique nose pads that hold the flexible beta titanium temples in place for compact storage, photochromic lenses that darken on exposure to UV light, and a carbon graphite frame front for the lightest weight possible.

  • Helium Bike Case

    Whether you're heading out on a mountain bike excursion or simply wanting to save on taxi fare while abroad, the Helium Bike Case ($600) will keep your two-wheeled transport safe and secure until you reach your destination. Designed to be plane, train, and bus friendly, the Helium features inflatable padding for protection, enough interior space for your frame plus two sets of wheels — each of which is secured by a proprietary anchoring system — and a separate compartment for storing the included pump.

  • Tumi Travel Speaker

    Get good sound wherever you end up with the Tumi Travel Speaker ($125). The gunmetal table top speaker uses surfaces to amplify sound, creating "dynamic sounds and deep, rich bass tones on virtually any hard surface." Also comes with the requisite protective carrying case.

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