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Tumi T-Tech Adventure Luggage

Tumi T-Tech Adventure Luggage

When it comes to luggage, few companies do it better than Tumi — which is why we're so excited about their new T-Tech Adventure Luggage ($375-$500). Available in 20, 22, 25, and 28-inch models, these hard-shelled bags feature an advanced formula polycarbonate exterior, which is triple layered to provide superior performance and durability, and then coated with a high-gloss finish. Large or small, they'll keep your stuff safe no matter where you're headed.

  • Globe-Trotter Centenary Collection Luggage

    J.Crew steps up its travel offerings with the Globe-Trotter Centenary Luggage Collection. Handcrafted by Globe-Trotter, the 110 year old British luggage company, the six-piece collection is built to last with Vulcan Fibre shells that can hold the weight of a one-ton elephant. The collection is available in "very limited" quantities with J.Crew custom leather trim and straps. Available for mixing and matching is a 13" vanity case ($1000), a 21" trolley case ($1800), a 26" suitcase ($1800), a 28" suitcase with wheels ($2300), a 30" extra-deep suitcase with wheels ($2200), and a 33" extra-deep suitcase with wheels ($2400).

  • Samsonite Graviton Luggage

    With a polycarbonate body and a signature pattern of raised edges inspired by diamond plate, Samsonite Graviton Luggage ($200-$390) offers great looks with outstanding protection. The polycarbonate case offers strength and durability while remaining light and flexible, and the raised ridges serve to both strengthen the case and provide a great-looking exterior. Available in either black or white in several different designs, including our favorite, the 31-inch upright spinner. [Thanks, Dennis]