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Tumi T-Tech Hydro

Tumi T-Tech Hydro

With a great blend of shiny style and rugged, go-anywhere waterproofing, the Tumi T-Tech Hydro Collection ($TBA) is the company's latest luggage innovation. Available in Backpack, Duffel, Sports Messenger, or Roll Top Messenger styles, each Hydro bag features a multi-layered, water-resistant fabric, heat-welded seams and inverted, watertight zippers, ensuring that whatever you're carrying — whether it be clothes or electronics — stays safe and dry during your commute.

  • Tumi T-Tech Adventure Luggage

    When it comes to luggage, few companies do it better than Tumi — which is why we're so excited about their new T-Tech Adventure Luggage ($375-$500). Available in 20, 22, 25, and 28-inch models, these hard-shelled bags feature an advanced formula polycarbonate exterior, which is triple layered to provide superior performance and durability, and then coated with a high-gloss finish. Large or small, they'll keep your stuff safe no matter where you're headed.

  • PA Series Luggage

    Dragging heavy suitcases through increasingly large airports can be a royal pain in the rear — so why not let them drag themselves? That's exactly what PA Series Luggage ($1,370) was designed for. The cases are built using stress frame technology to provide added strength and reduce weight, and feature flat motor technology built right into the wheels. Additional features include an anti-gravity handle that puts 85% of the weight over the wheels, TSA-approved combination locks, force sensors and tilt switches, a Live Locator ID to help locate your suitcase if you happen to lose it, and an included, built-in umbrella. It's suitcase technology, evolved.