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Tumi Townhouse Collection

Tumi Townhouse Collection

Old world styling and craftsmanship meets modern materials and technology in the Tumi Townhouse Collection ($150-$2000). This new line of travel and business luggage draws on the company's well-known design prowess to create bags that look classically elegant, yet are made to withstand the abuse of modern travel. High-end leathers and fabrics let you transition easily from boarding area to boardroom without the need for changing bags, saving you time, and the embarrassment of forgetting a key item in your carry-on.

  • Zippo Hand Warmer

    Even though it's still unnaturally hot for this time of the year (hi, Al!), we're still stocking up for the cold months ahead. First on our list is the Zippo Hand Warmer ($20). This little guy gives you constant warmth for up to 24 hours with just 0.4 oz of fuel, and produces more than 10 times as much heat as disposable warmers. Its slim profile is perfect for pockets, gloves or tighty whiteys. [via]

  • Davek SOLO Umbrella

    Ditch your aging Totes and step up to the style and class of the Davek SOLO Umbrella ($95). As well engineered as it is good looking, the SOLO features a WindFlex Frame System that is reinforced with flexible carbon polymer ligaments and has a solid steel shaft to stand up to high winds. Its microweave, 190 thread count nylon canopy and water-repellent coating keeps you dry, and the terrific handle, made from nickel-plated zinc alloy, features a built-in clip for attaching to a bag or strap. Add in the 3-action button system and unconditional lifetime guarantee, and you've got one truly great umbrella.