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USB Nintendo Controllers

USB Nintendo Controllers

Awesome. RetroZone is selling old-school NES controllers that have been upgraded with USB connectors so you can use them on your PC or Mac. You can choose from the original NES controller ($30), NES Advantage ($35), or NES Max ($28). But for the true geeks, you can also pick up a PowerGlove ($70), PowerPad ($60), or Super Nintendo Mouse ($26). RetroZone also sells do-it-yourself upgrade kits for your own controller ($17). [Thanks, Ben!]

  • LCD TopGun

    Although this wasn’t a problem we were aware of until very recently, some console and PC light guns don’t work with newer plasma and LCD TVs. The LCD TopGun for PS2, Xbox and PC ($35) was designed with this problem in mind, and is compatible with all TVs — CRT, LCD, plasma, DLP and projectors. Plus, it also supports vibration and features auto-fire and auto reload — so you won’t even hit a snag while shooting up your mindless zombie enemies.

  • Nintendo DS Lite

    If you thought the Nintendo DS was in need of a makeover, then you'll be happy to hear that Nintendo has announced a revamped version that's smaller and lighter. The all-white Nintendo DS Lite ($130) has a brigther screen and is about two-thirds the size of the original DS and about 20 percent lighter. Sadly, the new DS will be released in Japan first. A U.S. release date hasn't been announced yet. Update: Nintendo has announced that the DS Lite will hit U.S. stores on June 11.