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Victorinox Swiss Army Tracking ID Tag

Victorinox Swiss Army Tracking ID Tag

Never again lose a bag full of smuggled absinthe with the Victorinox Swiss Army Tracking ID Tag ($15). The rugged luggage tag uses Victorinox's lifetime global bag tracking program, which will reunite you with your lost bag anywhere in the world for free. The tracking system consists of a unique 8-digit tracking ID number on the tag and a 24-hour a day, 365 days a year number that a finder calls to report the whereabouts of your bag. Assuming you've registered with the company using your ID number, Victorinox will call you and arrange delivery of your bag to you. Oh, and have fun explaining the contents of your bag should they open it and find your stash.

  • Red Oxx Air Boss Bag

    When it comes to airline travel, you basically have two options: carry on whatever you can fit in two bags, or leave yourself at the mercy of airline luggage handling. Now you can carry a whole lot more when choosing option one thanks to the Air Boss Bag from Red Oxx ($225). It features a three-zip design that has straps to keep your clothes tidy until your arrival, two outside compartments, and a center compartment roomy enough to hold shoes and workout attire. Or you could just take your chances at baggage claim.
    [Thanks, Larry]

  • Hartmann Travel ID Case

    As we get older and start making more trips abroad, it has dawned on us that we really need a better way to keep all of our travel documents together. The Hartmann Belting Leather Travel ID Case ($75) fits the bill perfectly, with its tall stance and clear ID window. Along with your ID or license, it also has room for your passport, airline tickets/boarding pass, and any other scraps of paper you might need.