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Wallpaper City Guides

Wallpaper City Guides

If you're a traveler and want better advice when visiting a city than your standard Fodor's or AAA Guide can give you, check out these Wallpaper* City Guides ($9 each, $180 set). From the same folks that bring you Wallpaper* magazine, these guides are pocket-sized and come in discreet solid colors so you don't look like a tourist. The collection includes 20 guides right now, with 40 more planned by the end of the year.

  • Brugo

    We've all burnt our tongue drinking coffee that was too hot. Unfortunately, it seems that coffee is meant to be drank between 170-150 degrees, while it is best brewed at 205 degrees — leaving you waiting, blowing, or dumping ice in trying to cool it down. With Brugo ($20), there is no waiting thanks to a neat chamber that cools each sip as you are ready for it, leaving the rest of your joe in the thermos, keeping it warmer longer, and letting you enjoy your coffee at the right temperature. [Thanks, Steve]

  • Tumi LXT Collection

    Tumi's new LXT collection is perfect for the traveler who wants durability without sacrificing style. Made from Tumi's black FXT ballistic nylon or a woven sandalwood microfiber nylon, each bag features calf leather trim and polished silvertone hardware. We're especially digging the LXT Exploration 20" Duffel in sandalwood ($575), which features ticket pockets, a shoe bag, freshening cedar chips and accessories pockets.