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Zero Halliburton DJ Case

Zero Halliburton DJ Case

When most people think of a DJ case, they think of a huge case full of CDs or vinyl albums. The Zero Halliburton DJ Case ($600) is made for the modern DJ, with accommodations for a MacBook or 15" MacBook Pro, a shock-absorbent, gel-padded interior, additional pouches, a fold-down divider for better organization, and wheels and a retractable handle. Of course, this is a Halliburton, so you also get an aerospace-grade aluminum shell and the reassurance that your gear inside will make it from gig to gig safely.

  • Monster Laptop Sleeve

    While standard laptop cases are nice-looking and generally protective of your computer, they are, unfortunately, easy to spot — for you, and for thieves. With this in mind we checked out the whimsical Monster Laptop Sleeve ($65). Handmade and available in four different colors, the case reminds us of a fanged cousin of cookie monster. Plus, it looks more like something that would hold a Fisher-Price computer, as opposed to a Sony or Apple — keeping would-be thieves guessing. [via]

  • F-1 Boarding Pouch

    Airline travel is enough of a pain without trying to remember where you have put your I.D., Passport, boarding pass, and so on. The F-1 Boarding Pouch ($24) eliminates this problem by giving you a simple holder with labeled pockets for all three major documents, as well as a large velcro pocket on the other side for holding things like cash, business reciepts, and anything else paper you might need on your journey. Sure beats labeling a pair of cargo shorts.