Porsche Panamera Executive Exclusive Turbo S

Yes, it boasts a ridiculously long name, but the Porsche Panamera Executive Exclusive Turbo S earns it. How? By appealing to executives with a longer wheelbase that increases rear passenger room, a chestnut brown leather interior with two tone dark walnut wood and deep black piano lacquer trim, and a rear seat entertainment system that boasts dual high-resolution 10.1-inch touchscreens, a built-in camera, an integrated DVD player, integrated mobile internet, and the ability to pump sound through wireless headphones or the car's high-end Burmester surround sound system. It's also exclusive, with only 100 examples being built and with the option for an exclusive two-tone black/brown paint job that's applied by hand to ensure smooth blending. Finally, it's still a Turbo S, so with 570 hp and all wheel drive, it's no slouch in the driving department, either.

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