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Aether Ultralight Jacket

When hot summer days give way to cool summer nights, it's nice to have a jacket around — and the Aether Ultralight Jacket ($195) is a fine choice. Made from a soft microfiber fabric, it feels great against your skin, and justifies its price with small-yet-appreciated details like Lycra bindings at the neck and cuff to prevent chafing and block out wind, low-profile pit zips for staying ventilated, and gripper tape on the interior hem to ensure it stays put. Terrific for running or cycling, but for us, it'll get the most use during late evening visits to the local golf course.

  • Storm Trooper Motorcycle Suit

    We'll admit to believing that Harley riders aren't likely to be huge Star Wars fans, but if your tastes manage to straddle the line between comic book fairs and biker bars, perhaps the Storm Trooper Motorcycle Suit ($1,150) should be in your stocking this year. Officially licensed, this amazing suit is made from form-molded leather, allowing it to replicate even small details of its on-screen counterpart, while built-in CE-approved body armor will keep you safe in case you swerve too quickly trying to maneuver around a restless Ewok. [Scouted by Jeff]

  • TAD Street Fighter Jacket

    Created as a one-off to celebrate the completion of a classic bike restoration, the TAD Street Fighter Jacket ($950) is a limited edition that's worth the extra cash. Made from fine American leather sourced from Horween Leather in Chicago, the Street Fighter features a zippered side hideaway pocket, a gusseted back for freedom of movement, two interior snap pockets for added storage, zippered cuffs, and antiqued brass zippers. As an added bonus, the leather will break in and develop a patina that's unique to you, quickly making it look like a well-worn partner in crime instead of something you just grabbed off the nearest mannequin. [Scouted by Tyler]