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Book Bandolier

No, this isn't a Rambo-style sling for paperbacks. The Book Bandolier ($26) is instead an adjustable leather strap that offers six loops for holding pens, pencils, and brushes, and is designed to wrap around a stack of drawing/notebooks, allowing you to travel as lightly as possible while keeping the tools you need nearby.

  • Tumi Tegra-Lite Luggage

    Say hello to the latest hard-sided travel collection from the best four-lettered luggage maker around. Tumi Tegra-Lite Luggage ($600-$800) is made from Tegris, a unique polypropylene thermoplastic composite material that was originally designed for use in armor, NASCAR rides, and protective football gear, but is now available to use its lightweight properties and incredible impact resistance for protecting your clothes and gear. It doesn't look too shabby, either.

  • Travelteq Travel Towel

    Start your beach holiday preparations early with the Travelteq Travel Towel (€95; roughly $120). Handmade in Amsterdam, this upscale beach towel is crafted from Irish linen, which allows it to be lighter, 20 times more absorbent, faster-drying, and softer than traditional beach towels, while also boasting dual pockets in a contrasting color that are large enough for swimwear, an iPad case, book, and wallet, or anything else you think you might need. Available in navy with light blue pockets, or light blue with navy pockets.