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Carry On Cocktail Kit

It's widely known that flying commercial is far more enjoyable with a little lubrication, but the simple options afforded on the in-flight menu — cran and vodka, Jack and Coke, etc. — leave a lot to be desired. Step up your mile-high drinking game with the Carry On Cocktail Kit. This simple tin includes everything you need to fix yourself a pair of Old Fashioned cocktails (minus the whiskey), including a recipe card, a combination spoon/muddler, bitters, cane sugar, and a linen coaster that won't stick to the bottom of your cup like those cheap paper squares. Be prepared to be the envy of everyone seated in the general vicinity.

  • Bluesmart Carry-On Bag

    For travelers, there isn't much that is as important as your carry-on luggage, but innovation in the industry has been almost non-existent. The Bluesmart Carry-On Bag changes that, re-imagining the suitcase to solve all the problems of the modern traveler. This high-quality piece of luggage is controlled from your smartphone and allows you to lock and unlock it, weigh it, track its location, be notified if you are leaving it behind, or even charge your phone with its built in battery. Smart luggage for the smart traveler.

  • Pelican ProGear Elite Luggage

    Anyone who's ever paid attention to airport luggage handlers knows your bags can have a much rougher ride than you do. Keep your stuff protected with Pelican ProGear Elite Luggage. Available in a variety of colors and three different sizes, these hardcase carriers are watertight and crushproof while remaining impressively light. Features include retractable handles, integrated, TSA-approved combination locks, stainless steel hardware, recessed latches, ball bearing wheels with sturdy solid hubs, a variety of available organization sleeves, and a lifetime guarantee.