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Disneyland Desk Set

Disneyland Desk Set

Make your desk the happiest place on earth with the Disneyland Commemorative Desk Set ($50), which includes a Monorail stapler, an Autopia car memo pad holder, a Jungle Cruise tape dispenser, a Moonliner pencil holder, and a Teacup paperclip holder.

  • Money Tree

    According to Feng Shui masters, this Money Tree ($40) has the power to give you wealth and good fortune. According to us, it will look cool on your desk. So take the chance and buy one — you have nothing to lose and only desk vegetation and an interesting story to gain. It comes in a ribbed celadon Japanese porcelain pot along with the story of the money tree.

  • Pentel Sharp Kerry Mechanical Pencil

    While elegant pens are common in the workplace, elegant pencils are not. Show your affinity for lead with the Sharp Kerry Mechanical Pencil from Pentel ($18). Available in both 0.5mm and 0.7mm models, the pen features a dual-purpose cap, silver accents, and is hand-assembled using watchmaker’s tools. Plus, it has a really cool name — maybe they are working on a “Dull Bush” model as well.