Garb: Amped Up

Let them know you're in the band and ready to slappa da bass with this get-up from John Varvatos. And besides eye liner, is there really a better way to do so than rocking your suede fingerless gloves?

John Varvatos Quilted Wool Peacoat ($550). John Varvatos Slim Flannel ($128). John Varvatos Coated Bowery Jean ($228). John Varvatos Classic ($62). John Varvatos Guitar Head Glasses ($240). John Varvatos Seersucker Scarf ($228). John Varvatos Fingerless Suede Gloves ($195). Fender Mustang Amp ($699).

This edition of Garb is sponsored by our friends at John Varvatos. Be sure to check out all of their new fall and winter goods.