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Garb: Late For Work

Garb: Late For Work

Pull on your trusty Dockers and lace up your Nikes because you're definitely going to be sprinting to work if you're going to make it on time. And today's the one day of the year when your boss buys everyone free breakfast. Maple bacon pancakes from that indie bakery with the huge line. You can taste them already. Even the rain can't stop you now.

Levi's Work Camp Shirt ($70). Dockers Alpha Khakis ($59). John Varvatos Rectangle Sunglasses ($300). Scotch & Soda Thin Padded Jacket ($190). Nike for J.Crew Vintage Cortez Sneakers ($75). Apolis Double Ring Belt ($114). Maiden Noir x Porter 60/40 Wallet ($125). Vintage Rolex Explorer II Watch ($12,000). Miansai Fishing Hook Cord Bracelet ($55).

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