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Garb: Midwestern Man

Garb: Midwestern Man

This installment of Garb comes courtesy of our friends at Context Clothing.

Show the left and right coasters where American style was established.

Barton Perreira Stokley Black Meteor Polarized Sunglasses ($450). Apolis Acivism Survival Shirt ($198). Jean Shop Selvage Twill Jacket ($299). Jean Shop Rocker Raw Indigo Selvage ($299; Shown after months of use. Be a man and break them in yourself.). Hill-Side S13-007 Selvedge Chambray Pocketsquare ($40). Kenton Sorenson 10oz Roll Buckle Belt ($140). Alden + Context Roy Boot ($445). Sir Lord Baltimore ($5; 70's rock that rocks the Context shop in Madison, Wisconsin). Free & Easy Magazine ($31).

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