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Garb: Rooftop BBQ

Garb: Rooftop BBQ

Go sockless (not shirtless) in this lightweight outfit that'd be great for a last-minute summer grill fest in the city. (And no, those are not jorts.)

Patagonia Three Trees Shirt ($75). J.Crew Chambray Work Shorts ($98). Fruit of the Loom Low Rise Boxers ($10/4 pack). Converse One Star Baseline Sneaker ($60). Steven Raichlen Spatula with Bottle Opener ($20). BBQ Fight Club Sauces ($10). Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses ($189). Wewood Crono Watch ($119).

This installment of Garb is brought to you by the new Men's Low Rise Collection from Fruit of the Loom -- a cut below the rest.