Garb: Shotgun Wedding

This marital Mississippi Garb comes courtesy of Uncrate compatriot Billy Reid — not Billy Reid the brand, Billy Reid the man. Enjoy.
A few essentials for a summer wedding, complete with a bourbon-filled flask just in case the event is dry, and an heirloom-quality pocketknife that Billy won't leave home without. The suit jacket and trousers are made from a blend of cotton and linen to keep things cool and the cordovan wingtips are distressed individually by hand.

Billy Reid Linen & Cotton Nailhead Suit Jacket ($650). Billy Reid Linen & Cotton Nailhead Suit Trousers ($275). Billy Reid Button down Lilac Stripe Shirt ($165). Billy Reid Cordovan Wingtips ($375). Billy Reid Silk Knit Tie ($95). Black Leather Engraved Flask ($29). Woodford Reserve Bourbon ($30). Case Slimlock Walnut Pocket Knife ($210).