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Garb: Tartan Trimmings

Whether you're trimming the tree or feasting on a large bird with all the trimmings, this get-up from Urban Outfitters has you covered.

KOMONO Wizard Leopard Watch ($75). Mister Keyhole Bracelets ($35). O'Hanlon Mills Marled Top Stripe Camp Sock ($20). BDG Wool Solid Herringbone Tie ($24). GANT Rugger Pinstripe Smarty Pant ($275). Hawkings McGill Tartan Flannel Shirt ($49). O'Hanlon Mills Marled Lambswool Cardigan Sweater ($54). Stapleford Moc-Toe Woven Work Boot ($109).

This edition of Garb comes courtesy of our friends at Urban Outfitters.