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Garb: The Sleepover

Garb: The Sleepover

For looking fresh-faced and presentable after a night at your playmate's place, pack this stuff. It'll make for a stylish retreat home, or if you feel inclined to do the whole morning-after brunch thing, you won't look like a total goon.

Billykirk Padded Laptop Flight Bag ($275). Billykirk Journal Holder ($132). Baxter of California Oil Free Moisturizer ($19). Baxter of California Water Pomade ($17). Levi's Made & Crafted The Standard Straight Jeans ($189). Theory Peek Mayfield Woven Shirt ($195). Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarer ($145). Rachel Comey Wickham Boot ($172).

This installment of Garb comes courtesy of our friends at Revolve Clothing.