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Generation NEX Nintendo

Generation NEX Nintendo

All of us secretly despise the new consoles, because they force us to play games that get more and more complex, sometimes at the sacrifice of pure fun. Now we can revisit the old days with the Generation NEX Nintendo ($60). This revamped NES sports built-in wireless support — though the included controller is still wired, — dual slots for both NES and Famicom games, a slimmer design, and you won’t ever need to blow on a cartridge and then pray it works again.

  • Atari Flashback 2

    The Atari Flashback 2 ($30, available in August) features more than 40 classic games (hello, Asteroids!), prototypes of previously unreleased games, and games from top homebrew fans (weird dudes that kept making games long after we moved up to Nintendos). The follow-up to the awesome 7800-based Atari Flashback, the plug-and-play system is modeled after the retrolicious Atari 2600 console (hello, simulated wood grain!) and comes with two classic joysticks. We've never been happier.

  • Arcade Legends Street Fighter II

    If you remember dropping quarters into this arcade game, you're not alone. The dedicated Street Fighter II Champion Edition mini console ($50) comes with two of Sega's 6-button Genesis controllers and plugs directly into your TV. And if the groundbreaking Capcom fighting game wasn't enough, there's also a super challenging bonus game in the bundle — Ghouls and Ghosts. Both titles are based on Sega's Genesis conversions, not the arcade games, so they're just good enough to pass muster for the price.