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Hideo Wakamatsu Tarpaulin Check-In Trolley

If you care more about the safety of your cargo and less about the flashiness of your luggage, check out the Hideo Wakamatsu Tarpaulin Check-In Trolley ($225). Made from water- and shred-resistant tarpaulin, this 25-inch pull-behind — a smaller 19-inch version ($190) is also available — this lightweight bag sports dual exterior and interior zippered pockets, water repellent zippers, adjustable straps around the sides to accomodate larger loads, and silent running wheels to keep it from sounding like you're stepping on a mouse once every five feet, also known as "terminal squeal."

  • TravelTeq Trip

    Leave it to a laptop bag maker to come up with the ultimate carry-on. The hard-sided TravelTeq Trip ($800-$850) features plenty of compartments for your clothes, laptop, phone, and other gear, smooth-gliding wheels on legs that can extend out of the back of the case, a sliding top plate that serves as a stool, a telescoping handle, and even optional speakers to blare your protest rock in the middle of the TSA security line.

    Our thanks to Gillette for sponsoring this month's travel gear articles.

  • Tumi Vapor Luggage

    Time to replace your aging, well-traveled luggage? Take a look at the new line of Tumi Vapor Collection ($400-$550). Available in four-wheel variants of the Extended Trip, Medium Trip, and International Carry-On cases, as well as a two-wheel version of the latter case for the traditionalists out there, these stylish, highly-distinctive cases are made from a triple-layer alloy of ABS and polycarbonate, making them extremely light while giving them the protective abilities of a heavier hard case. Perfect for your next trip, whether it's across the state or across the ocean.