Nice Laundry

Socks: we all wear them, whether it's every day, or only when flip-flops aren't an option. Most of them get stored in drawers, generally unorganized and often mingling with widowed foot coverings that long ago lost their mates. Nice Laundry offers a simple way to fix this situation. Featuring Microlast processing to reduce shrinkage and Everknit heels and toes for added comfort and durability, their socks are made to last. They come in various collections of six pairs each, and they boast newly-updated Spring/Summer designs that run the gamut from sporty and staid to colorful and carefree. For the full experience, choose the sock drawer makeover, which sends you three packs of your choosing (18 total pairs) at a 30% discount and includes recycling of your stinky, worn out stockings.

Presented by Nice Laundry.