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Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii

Not since the days of the Super Nintendo have we been this pumped up for a console launch. The Nintendo Wii ($250; Nov. 19) is the next-generation console from Nintendo, and it looks like a blast. With a revolutionary controller that lets you use movements to control games, Nintendo is shooting for gameplay that is more fun and communal, shunning better graphics for other innovations. Oh, and did we mention it comes with Wii Sports, which includes tennis, golf, baseball, bowling and boxing games? And you can play old Gamecube games on it, but the biggest — and to us, most exciting — feature is the Virtual Console, which will let you download and play NES, SNES, N64, TurboGrafx 16, and Genesis games, all from the Wii. Wii can't wait.

  • Motorola X205 Gaming Headset

    Motorola's new X205 Gaming Headset lets you call the shots from the couch just like Bill Cowher does from the sidelines. Based on the Motorola headset worn by NFL coaches, the X205 ($TBA) works with football video games like Madden, allowing you to use your voice to call plays and scream at others online. It features a noise canceling microphone and premium full mono ear cup, and is compatible with both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2.

  • Sony PlayStation 3

    We've been waiting to bring this one to you for a long time. The Sony PlayStation 3 (starts at $500; Nov. 17) is one helluva mean gaming machine. Powered by the Cell processor, it features an advanced RSX graphics chip, a 20 or 60GB hard drive, Bluetooth-enabled wireless controllers, 1080p output, and a Blu-Ray drive that appears to cost almost as much all by itself as it does shoved in the belly of this beast. With a handful of launch titles confirmed, we're already preparing our schedules for a lot of "alone time" in front of our TV this Winter.