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Pelican Design-Your-Own Faceplate for Xbox 360

Pelican Design-Your-Own Faceplate for Xbox 360

If you happen to be an early-adopter that has a 360 but isn't digging the faceplate options currently available, check out the Design-your-Own Faceplate service from Pelican ($35). You can choose to use Pelican's design tools to make your creation, or upload your own art to be used to make the 'plate. While their tools are okay, we're really excited about uploading our own art — an Uncrate-branded faceplate sounds pretty cool to us. [Thanks, Ted]

  • Nintendo DS Lite

    If you thought the Nintendo DS was in need of a makeover, then you'll be happy to hear that Nintendo has announced a revamped version that's smaller and lighter. The all-white Nintendo DS Lite ($130) has a brigther screen and is about two-thirds the size of the original DS and about 20 percent lighter. Sadly, the new DS will be released in Japan first. A U.S. release date hasn't been announced yet. Update: Nintendo has announced that the DS Lite will hit U.S. stores on June 11.

  • 20Q Deluxe Handheld Game

    Most handheld games are fairly simple, if not slightly challenging at times. Not this one. The 20Q Deluxe Handheld Game from Radica ($20) seems simple enough in its idea — you pick a word in your mind, and then the little guy asks you twenty questions, and most of the time actually guesses it. While this is amazing, it’s the game’s incessant taunting that will keep you coming back for more — or going to buy a replacement for the one you smashed against the wall.