Since launching about a year ago, it's become pretty apparent that we don't have the time to manage a sports site, while still bringing you the best gear site and best video site on the planet. So we're selling And everything that comes with it — the domain name, the design, the logo, the content management system, the news and photo sources, the Rookie trademark, the @rookie username on Twitter, the @rookie username on Instagram, the Rookie Facebook page, and probably a few other things we've forgotten. The site essentially has no traffic to speak of (that's your job), and we haven't tried to sell any advertising on it yet, so there will be no due diligence, which will result in a very quick sale. The site will be sold to the highest offer — bids start at $250,000. Email if you're ready to own your own sports brand. It's one hell of a starter kit. Serious inquiries only.

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