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Evolution of Sim Racing

Put down the controller. Get out the wheel, pedals, and hydraulically-actuated full-motion cockpit — it's time to go sim racing. The introduction of Chequered Flag in 1983 marked the beginning of racing games not just as entertainment, but as a way for the masses to experience autosports as realistically as possible. Since that humble start, racing sims have become increasingly better at mirroring the physics of their real-world counterparts, with some games having code based on testing simulators used by racing teams at the top of the sport.

  • Bringing Color to Historical Photos

    Brazilian artist Marina Amaral combines a love of history and a deep set of Photoshop skills to bring historical photographs the colors they might have captured. Much more than just a brushing over with color, Marina begins the process with thorough research, using the archives of the Library of Congress and other resources to create an accurate pallette for each photo. The restorations and colorizations can take upwards of a month each, going through the image pixel-by-pixel.

  • American Assassin

    A young man, devastated by the loss of his love during a terrorist attack, is recruited by the CIA as a black ops specialist. A veteran of the Cold War is brought in to sharpen recruit Mitch Rapp's lethal talents in the hunt for the terrorist leader that killed his fiancé. The first film in author Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp series, American Assassin stars Dylan O'Brien, Sanaa Lathan, Michael Keaton and comes to theaters September 17, 2017.