1989 Upper Deck Baseball Wax Box

1989 Upper Deck Baseball Wax Box

Inspired by the ever-nostalgic Jason Kottke, we bring you an original 1989 Upper Deck Baseball Wax Box ($110). We remember our pre-teen years begging mom for two bucks and a ride down to the local baseball card shop so we could sift through a box of these for one measly pack, only to wind up Griffey-less yet again. Now that you're an adult with a job and actual money, why not treat yourself to an entire box of the most sought after baseball cards from back in day? You get 36 unopened packs with 15 cards each. Score!

  • Mini Catapult and Trebuchet

    Ever since we were little and saw the Smurfs using one, we've wanted a real catapult. With the Catapult and Trebuchet Kit ($20-$30), we can finally fulfill our dream. The catapult has a range of ten feet, while the trebuchet has a range of twenty, and both come precut and pre-drilled, so you don't have too hard a time getting your little poo-flingers together. So go ahead, take aim at the POS office copier, and re-affirm your manliness.

  • Segatoys HomeStar Planetarium

    If you happen to be trapped in a city with bright lights all around and a little added “atmosphere” — or smog, as some like to call it — you should love this little guy. Instead of destroying small planets like the mini Death Star that it looks like, the HomeStar Planetarium ($240) recreates the constellations indoors for you viewing pleasure. It features a high-brightness white LED, a slot for different plates showing different groups of stars, six hour battery life, and an adjustable stand.

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