Adjustable Burger Press

Adjustable Burger Press

Everyone knows a burger press is the best way to get restaurant-level consistency and presentation from your patties, but what happens when you want a little less — or a little more — beef on your bun? The Adjustable Burger Press ($36) is made from nonstick cast aluminum, and offers fill markings for quarter- and half-pound patties, letting you ensure that you get just the right amount for your favorite recipe.

  • White Mountain Ice Cream Maker

    Tired of paying $4.57 for your daily pint of Ben & Jerry's? Try making your own sweet stuff at home with the White Mountain Ice Cream Maker ($170-$230). Available in manual or an electric version with a 12,000 RPM motor, these rustic looking kitchen tools are handmade from white pine and can output four quarts of ice cream or frozen yogurt in just 20-40 minutes. If you're considering getting one, we'd recommend the manual model, because lord knows if you're buying an Ice Cream Maker that you could probably use the exercise.

  • Illy Y1 iperEspresso Machine

    Get renowned Illy espresso in the comfort of your own home for less than the cost of a month's worth of trips to Starbucks with the Illy Y1 iperEspresso Machine ($125). The machine itself uses Illy's new iperEspresso capsule system, and features an aluminum casing with a tempered glass cup holder, a manual shut off to allow you to control the cup volume, a removable water tank, 19 bars of pump pressure, and the ability to make a piping hot shot of espresso in just seconds. Unless, of course, you enjoy paying $6 a day for your mochas.

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