Aero Garden

Aero Garden

The Aero Garden ($150) lets you grow herbs and vegetables in your house without any dirt. Using Aeroponics technology, the plants grow in just water and air, and are ready to harvest in less than a month — up to five times faster than soil. The kit comes with everything you need (just add water!), including a salad greens seed pack. Also available are packs for gourmet herbs, cherry tomatoes, and international basil.

  • Miele In-Wall Coffee System

    We like our coffee here at Uncrate HQ. In fact, we need it. So it should come as no surprise that we're lusting after the Miele CVA615 Coffee System ($TBA). It's an in-wall unit that handles everything from grinding the beans to frothing milk. It features fully automatic controls, letting you set your grind preferences and just press a button. That's it. About a minute later, you have a fresh cup of joe, brewed on demand. Excellent. [Thanks, Alex!]

  • FizzKeeper

    As much as we try not to drink too much soda, there are always times — parties, open bar, etc. — that it's nice to have some two-liters around. Alas, they seem to go flat before your very eyes — until now. The FizzKeeper ($4) is an ingenious little gadget that goes on top of your bottle, replacing the cap. When you're temporarily finished with the bottle, give a few pumps of the ball on the top of the 'Keeper, and your fizzy drinks will taste just as fresh as when they were opened.

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