Aether Beach Chairs & Table

Yeah, we were surprised too — a clothing company making furniture? But when it comes to the Aether Beach Chairs & Table ($500), it actually makes sense. Designed for maximum portability, both the table and chairs fold down to fit inside of the included travel bag. Features include hardwood Ash construction, stainless steel hardware, a matte black finish, and backing fabric and travel bag made from reclaimed Army tent that was cut, dyed, and sewn in L.A. A simple, sleek way to upgrade your beach trips this summer.

  • PowerPot

    Kill two camping birds with a single stone thanks to the PowerPot ($150). Using the magic of thermoelectric power generation, the PowerPot uses the heat from your cooking — did we mention it's a camping-style cooking pot? — to run a 5W generator that can power up to 2-3 USB devices at a time. Food + gadgets — what could be better on your next trip into the wilderness? [Scouted by Peter]

  • 999Bottle

    It's easy to drop money on eco-friendly products — but maximizing your investment by using them repeatedly? That's another story. The 999Bottle ($30) aims to overcome this behavior by building a counter of three rings right into the bottom of the bottle, which you use in conjunction with an app to get a more easily digestible look at the difference you're making by keeping all those disposable bottles out of our landfills and oceans. Oh, and thanks to its stainless steel and rubber build, it doesn't look too shabby, either. [Scouted by Kevin]

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