We're not sure exactly why the average off-roader would need a military-spec vehicle, but if you crave the toughest 4x4 around, consider the AEV J8 MILSPEC Jeep (approx. $50,000). Available in four-door or Scrambler-esque two door models, powered by either a 2.8L TurboDiesel or 5.7L HEMI V-8 — installed by a local dealer — and tons of upgrades like a reinforced body and frame, Dana front and rear axles, Dodge Ram brakes, black steel wheels, and a hood-mounted snorkel hooked to a hard core air filter capable of running five hours in a dust storm. Available in all of two colors, are we're guessing you probably tan already know green what they are.

  • Volvo V60

    Can a station wagon be sexy? The Volvo V60 ($TBA) seems to be arguing "yes," with a coupe-like roofline, aggressive front end, and short overhangs. Normally, we'd be telling you about the car's powerplant here, but since Volvo will offer the V60 with eight different engines, that'd take a bit too long — let's just say there's something here for everyone to complement the ride's other key features like all-wheel drive, Advanced Stability Control, a 12-speaker Dolby Digital sound system with a 7-inch screen, and an advanced collision detection system that can stop a crash at speeds up to 20 mph. You'll probably need all that stuff, however, to take your mind off the fact that you're driving a freakin' station wagon.

  • Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

    We don't know a whole lot about Land Rover's new Range Rover Evoque ($TBA), but we do know this: it's a damn fine-looking crossover. We also know it's based on the LRX concept, will come with four-wheel-drive, three doors, and will be the lightest, most fuel efficient Range Rover ever when it hits American shores next Fall. We also suspect you'd best start saving your Benjamins now, because we're guessing that the Evoque will cost just a bit more than your average Kia.

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