AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball

Hopefully, you never need to use it, but if there's a Class A, B, or C fire at your home or business, the AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball should be nearby. It's a fire suppressant packaged in a compact and lightweight ball that self-detonates in 3 to 5 seconds when it comes into contact with fire and disperses non-toxic chemicals to put the fire out. It can cover an area with a radius of 86 to 107 square feet and is environmentally friendly, nontoxic, and has a shelf life of up to five years. Keep one handy while camping, grilling in the back yard, at your office, or in the kitchen in case of emergency.

  • Sunflower Drone Security System

    Outdoor security cams can certainly help give you piece of mind, but they're traditionally stuck facing the same way, while something nefarious could be happening right around the corner. The Sunflower Drone Security System aims to fix this. It starts with a set of sensor-laden garden lights. They're powered by a solar panel on top, have 360-degree motion sensors and separate vibration sensors to alert you to footsteps, and can scare away potential intruders with both their light and audible warnings. And thanks to the drone-based camera, you can get footage of the scene from nearly any angle, allowing you to cover your whole yard in surveillance, instead of just a corner.

  • Tesla Solar Roof

    One of the biggest barriers to widespread adoption of solar panels — aside from the initial cost — is the way they look. The Tesla Solar Roof lets you enjoy the renewable benefits of solar without strapping industrial-looking boxes to the top of your home. They hide an efficient solar cell beneath a colored film and a sheet of tempered glass, letting your house look like a normal house while generating electricity from the sun, storing it in an optional Powerwall 2 battery and drastically reducing — if not eliminating — your utility bill. Available in four styles to complement a variety of homes: tuscan, slate, textured, or smooth.

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