Age Your Own Whiskey Kit

You can purchase limited single barrel releases, visit distilleries, and even buy your own barrel — but for true whiskey fans, there's nothing like aging a batch yourself. The Age Your Own Whiskey Kit ($170) lets you experience its transformation from clear to brown, and the appearance of flavors that accompanies it, from the comfort of your own home. Included are two 750 ml bottles of White Dog un-aged whiskey, a two liter aging barrel, a pouring funnel, two tasting glasses, and complete instructions. Within 3-6 months, you'll be enjoying your own handcrafted blend.

  • Kings County Whiskey, Bourbon & Moonshine

    Sure, when most people think of Whiskey, Bourbon, or Moonshine, they think of Kentucky and other similarly southern states — but that doesn't mean those damn Yankees can't get in on the fun. Given its license on April 14 of this year, Kings County Distillery, makers of Whiskey, Bourbon & Moonshine ($20), is New York City's only operating whiskey distillery, and the first since before prohibition. Currently available from select spots in Brooklyn and Manhattan, those of us outside the greater Gotham area will just have to rely on good ol' Astor Wines and Spirits.

  • Whisk(e)y Your Way

    Ever wish you could have your very own hooch instead of drinking the same thing as the bum on the street corner? Whisk(e)y Your Way ($5,400-$9,500) can make it happen. House Spirits Distillery in Portland will help you choose all your components, develop your mash bill, choose a level of char and type of oak for your barrel, and specify distillation details. If you want, you can even show up to help with preparing the wash, distilling, and barreling your drink, and you can come back to check on it as it ages as many times as you like. Finally, once you think it's ready, House will proof, bottle, and label the contents of your barrel, and you get to take home roughly 100 bottles of personalized whiskey for about $50 a bottle.

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