Air Hogs Storm Launcher

Air Hogs Storm Launcher

This radio-controlled vehicle has got to be one of the coolest toys of the summer. The Air Hogs Storm Launcher ($65) zooms at top speed over any surface, including water, pavement, sand, grass and snow. It can do all kinds of crazy jumps and stunts. Oh yeah, and it can fly. Talk about hours of fun. Check out this video of the Storm Launcher in action — it'll make you want to break out the Visa. [Thanks, Brian]

  • Draganflyer V Ti Pro Helicopter

    We've had our share of remote controlled flying machines, and they all met their doom in a rather swift manner. For our next in-air toy, we're considering the Draganflyer V Ti Pro Helicopter ($1500). This tiny terror utilizes electronic sensors and thermal imaging to land safely if it gets outs of range or if there is a problem — but that's not the big deal. The big deal is that the V Ti Pro features a CCD sensor with 460 lines of resolution — when shooting video — and maneuverability that is unmatched in a personal flyer, making it the ultimate gadget for when you need arial footage of your kid's ballgame, or when you need to, you know, spy on an ex.

  • Remote Controlled Shark

    Freaking out the neighbors is always a good time, but after a while the same ol' gags just simply won't work anymore. Step up your game with this Remote Controlled Robotic Shark ($100). Simply hide this baby in their pool and when they come out to swim, release Jaws-like fury upon their legs! Okay, so it's really only two feet long and it won't be eating any flesh anytime soon, but it can work 40' from the remote and go up to 9' deep, so it can still get some decent laughs.

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