Alessi Spirale Ashtray

Alessi Spirale Ashtray

If you're going to smoke, at least do it in style. Designed by Achille Castiglioni, the Alessi Spirale Ashtray ($100) is a classy alternative to your normal butt repository, made from polished steel, and featuring a "spirale" for holding your burning death sticks, or for holding other "burning" items safely above the ashes for later use.

  • Morgan Grays Cigar Case

    There's nothing like lighting up a fine cigar after a long, successful work week — but there's also nothing quite as uncool as having little bits of cigar in your pockets. Inspired by a case obtained from a collector who emigrated from Cuba, the Morgan Grays Cigar Case ($95) is a classic way to carry up to two stogies. Each case is handmade from fine leather, making sure you're just as good as that Macanudo you're about to light.

  • Visol Cigar Set

    It's pretty obvious that cigars aren't the healthiest means of celebration, but there is a feeling of accomplishment that comes with the "victory cigar" that can't be duplicated. Keep yourself ready for victory at any time with the Visol Cigar Set ($80). The three-piece set comes with a triple flame torch lighter, a cigar cutter with a stone rest, and a solid metal cigar ashtray, all in a black and satin silver finish. [Thanks, Tyler]

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