Allsorts Liquor Scented Soap

Typically we use soap to try and remove the scent of booze from our person, but Allsorts Liquor Scented Soap ($5) embraces it by covering you in a booze-scented lather that'll have you yearning for a drink before you even step out of the shower. Both organic and vegan-friendly, these responsibly-produced bars come in scents like gin and tonic, whiskey sour, screwdriver, and prohibition spiced rum, and feature an adventure suggestion from Chicago's prohibition era printed on the wrapper.

  • Old Spice Fresh Collection

    The new Old Spice Fresh Collection ($5) at first seems a bit odd (who really wants to smell like "well-known lands" from across the globe?), but these subtle-scented antiperspirant/deodorants are indeed worthy of their worldliness. The destination-inspired, light-yet-manly scents include (in our rank of freshershist to fresh): Matterhorn ("smells like ice, wind & freedom"), Denali ("smells like wilderness, open air & freedom"), Cyprus ("smells like limes, an ocean breeze & freedom"), and Fiji ("smells like palm trees, sunshine & freedom"). Do your armpits a favor and introduce them to the world.

  • On The Job Hand Regimen

    No matter how hard we try, we're still guys, and we tend not to take care of our hands as much as our partners would prefer. On The Job Hand Regimen ($19) does the hard work for you, with a waterless Hand Cleaner that removes dirt, paint, grease, and other nasty stuff by getting in between the dirt and your skin, a tough Hand Armor that forms a breathable polymer glove over your skin to help make cleanup even easier, and a dual-action Hand Lotion that packs a first-aid antiseptic and penetrating moisturizers to leave your hands feeling as soft as they should.

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