Almanac Golden Gate Gose

Gose is quickly becoming the most popular new style in craft brewing after the thirst for some of those that were first to market continues to rise. Almanac Brewing decided to embrace the old German style with Golden Gate Gose. Almanac takes the classic wheat style and uses San Francisco Bay sea salt, lemon verbena and coriander grown especially for the brewery in Santa Cruz, California. The tart, refreshing beer makes sense just about anytime, but pair it with fresh seafood to unlock its true potential.

  • Aspen Belgian Farmhouse Saison

    One thing craft brewers are getting better and better at here in the US is brewing the traditional Belgian ales that pioneered the beer world so long ago. A great example of this maturation is found in Belgian Farmhouse Saison from Aspen Brewing in Aspen, Colorado. This straw colored beer brings some hops to the table, but the farmhouse yeast and effervescent mouthfeel are the real stars of the show. Judges at the World Beer Cup agreed this year, as it topped almost 100 other entries to win the Gold in the French and Belgian-Style Saison Category. In celebration of the award, a special run of the beer was recently released.

  • Ithaca Flower Power Beer

    When you're tired of trying to chase down the next big thing in the craft beer world, it can be refreshing sometimes to turn to an old standby. Flower Power from Ithaca Brewing in New York is a perfect example of this, and helped pioneer the path for many IPAs that have followed. With a tropical jungle of a nose and a hopped up taste thanks to five different dry-hopping sessions, this bad boy not only is an old stand-by, but also stacks up incredibly well to the avalanche of IPAs that have been trying to keep up over the past decade plus.

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