Alpha Lipoic Acid Eye Area Therapy

Alpha Lipoic Acid Eye Area Therapy

Our trip to LA last weekend reminded us how horrible one can look after too many time zones and too many late nights. In particular, our eyes were so puffy and black that they looked like they went 12 rounds with John Ruiz. With its anti-inflammatory effect, Alpha Lipoic Acid Eye Area Therapy ($45) by N.V. Perricone M.D. will help get your eyes back in shape like a champ.

  • Zeno Acne Zapper

    We've all had a mountainous zit appear the day before a big meeting, event, or date. Now you don't have to let it hold you back, at least if you've got the Zeno Acne Zapper from Tyrell ($225). It uses ClearPoint technology that delivers just the right amount of heat to zap the bacteria causing the zit away. It takes several two and a half minute treatments over the course of at least 12 hours, but it beats the alternative of having your date stare at a filthy pus machine throughout dinner. [via UberGizmo]

  • Axe Dry Deodorant

    In search of a new deodorant recently (is it just us, or do they just quit working after a while), we came across Axe Dry's Touch Scent ($4). The invisible solid, both a deodorant and an anti-perspirant, has hints of fresh leaves and melons, and keeps you dry without making you smell like a chemical plant or the clearance section at Bath and Bodyworks.

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