Alu Sled

Alu Sled

The Alu Sled ($610) will save your ass, literally. Sporting a lightweight aluminum frame, this high-tech sled features an ergonomically designed polycarbonate seat, polyethylene runners, and a strategically placed shock absorber to keep you (and your back and bottom) from getting jarred all the way down the hill. The Alu also has a claw hand brake and folds up for easy toting.

  • Pirate Scope

    Being successful as a pirate was as much about sailing as it was about looting and pillaging, and to be a good sailor, you've got to know where you're going. The Pirate Scope ($70) is much like the ones used in the pirates' heyday, but with modern improvements like high-quality, coated achromatic lenses that magnify up to 25x and a precision-crafted brass body. Plus, it collapses down to a manageable 5.5-inches, and comes with a mahogany storage chest.

  • Treetent

    Not all of us are cut out for camping in the traditional sense, as sleeping on the ground can induce some nasty visions of bugs and small animals crawling around your domain. The super-awesome Treetent ($50,000) solves this problem by being both a tent and treehouse at the same time. Dreamed up by Dutch sculptor and designer Dré Wapenaar, the Treetent is 13 feet tall, and boasts a hardwood floor and a round mattress, making it perfect for those more intimate outdoor moments.

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