Atlantic Farms Hops Lip Balm

Don't worry — it won't leave your mouth smelling like beer. That said, Atlantic Farms Hops Lip Balm ($7) is made using that favorite of beer flavorings, hops. The process starts by steeping citrusy, potent varieties of hops in virgin olive oil, which is then blended with coconut and hempseed oils, as well as organic beeswax. Finally, the mixture is enriched with vitamin E, has its flavor added, and is then finished with finely ground hops to improve the texture and provide a hoppy finish — just like your favorite IPA.

  • Hudson Made Fancy Black Soap

    Let's be honest: we put our skin through hell. Give it a little break with Hudson Made Fancy Black Soap ($17). Hand poured and cut, each unique bar is made with natural volcanic ash and fresh, local goat milk, which gives it a high butterfat and protein content that's great for your skin. It's lightly scented with oils, so you'll leave the shower smelling good, and hey, it doesn't look too shabby, either.

  • Chiefs Energizing Face Wash & Alarm App

    Give yourself an extra boost out of bed and help take care of your face at the same time with Chiefs Energizing Face Wash & Alarm App ($17). The face wash is specially formulated to help wake you up with an ingredient list that includes ginseng, menthol, peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary. It works in conjunction with the Alarm Clock App for Android, which wakes you up with one of a variety of sounds — or one of your own choosing — and can only be turned off by scanning the bar code on the back of the face wash, giving you extra motivation to leave the warm, fluffy fortress of your bed and step into the cold hard reality of morning.

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