Atolan House

Set on Taiwan's east coast, the Atolan House puts the region's native building techniques at the forefront. The structure sits on a foundation of stones collected from the excavation process — a feature that inspired the home's namesake, which translates to "a place with many rocks". This theme also runs into the interior with large stone walls complimented by elements of steel, wood, and concrete. Intentionally angled to match the contour of the coastline, views of the Pacific Ocean are on full diaplay from every room in the house, as well as the rooftop terrace and infinity swimming pool.

Photos: Create + Think Design Studio

  • Room No Roof Building

    Part refurbishment and part new extensions, the Room No Roof Building makes use of a 1950s residential building in West London. The added third floor is where the home gets its name. Situated between a bedroom and a bathroom, a glazed open air space brings the serenity of the outdoors in with natural light and a small tree. Additional windows were added to the first floor living areas, including a a pivot window in the kitchen extension that opens up to a patio, overlooking the square below.

    Photos: Tim Crocker / Tsuruta Architects

  • Mugu House

    Ingrained in a cliffside on the Malibu coast, the Mugu House sits without disruption to its surrounding environment. The home is constructed from a prefabricated concrete produced from locally sourced materials, resulting in noticeably fewer CO2 emissions. A moveable layer of wooden screens form native tribal patterns and conceal the exterior from the coast, while also creating a series of solar occultations. Adorned with lichens and succulent, the interior layout of the home was determined by the topography of the landscape, with traditional partitions replaced by the organic projection of the rocky hillside. The emphasis on nature didn't stop there: a massive bay window provides panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean below.

    Photos: Malka Architecture

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