Atomic Birdhouses

Atomic Birdhouses

If you're the type of person who feeds the birds living around you, you're probably also conscious of your impact on the environment — and Atomic Birdhouses ($30-$50) cater to both those concerns. Handmade from recycled wood, these houses and feeders are finished with a Poly-Soy protective clear finish made from a rapidly renewable resource material, providing a glossy finish, resistance against weather, stains, and moisture, and protection from water, mildew, and UV rays. We could hear the birds chirping already if it weren't so damned cold outside.

  • Burglar Blaster

    Worried about thieves raiding your home while you're on vacation, at work, or just passed out in the backyard? Then booby trap your house, Kevin McCallister-style, with the Burglar Blaster ($600). This self-contained unit uses a passive infrared intruder detection system to monitor areas up to 2,000 square feet, and releases an eye-destroying 4 oz. of pepper spray when triggered. It offers an adjustable entry time delay, a cast aluminum/alloy case, can run for years on a single set of C batteries, and will only help reaffirm your crippling paranoia.

  • Rapid Reel

    Ditch your craptastic plastic garden hose reel and step up to the Rapid Reel ($125). Made from sturdy die-cast aluminum, this rugged reel can be mounted parallel or perpendicular to the wall, can be set up for right- or left-hand operation, and comes with a full-flow brass swivel, a rubber inlet hose, and mounting hardware. Your car, the one with "Wash Me" written in the dirt covering its paint job, sitting out in your driveway? It will thank you for this.

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