Bad Ass Golf Carts

Bad Ass Golf Carts

Offering everything from off-road ready beasts to lowrider stretches, Bad Ass Golf Carts has something for everyone. The company specializes in 24HP Honda V-Twin engines to give your cart an extra boost, and offers extras like 14" off-road suspension systems, headliner TVs, video game installations, satellite radio, A/C, 20" rims, air bags, and more.

  • Ibis Mojo SL

    Looking for the lightest mountain or XC bike you can find? Then check out the Ibis Mojo SL ($3,900 and up). With a frame, swing arm, and rear shock assembly weighing less than five pounds, the complete bike weighs in at less than 22 pounds, and offers carbon fiber head cups, dropouts, and seat tube insert, DT Swiss XR Carbon shock and shock hardware, special, durable rubber paint, a carbon monocoque frame and swing arm, DW-Link Suspension, and more. Prepare to do some pedaling.

  • ICON A5

    Who wouldn't want their own plane? The ICON A5 ($139,000; 2010) is a two-seat sport airplane aimed at the masses. Designed to be "predictable and easy-to-fly," the lightweight personal aircraft is amphibious with retractable landing gear for flying off land and water alike. The A5 features a carbon fiber airframe, a 100-hp/120-mph Rotax 912 ULS engine (that runs on both auto and aviation gas), and folding wings that allow it to be stored at home and towed on the highway with a trailer. If you don't think your weekend piloting skills are up to par, fear not — the A5 comes with a bevy of safety features. Included will be a propeller guard, wing angle of attack indicator (sounds important), and a huge, built-in parachute that helps the entire plane come down a little easier in an emergency.

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