Bakon Vodka

Bakon Vodka

No, that's not a typo. Bakon Vodka ($30) is a new premium-quality potato vodka infused with a savory bacon flavor. Distilled from Idaho potatoes and possessing a perfect hint of peppery bacon flavor. Great in a bloody mary, good when paired with scotch, not so hot in a white russian — unless you like the way they taste on the way back up — but what we really, really want is a recipe for a bacon cheeseburger. [Thanks, Everyone]

  • Prairie Organic Vodka

    Certified organic and kosher, Prairie Vodka ($25-$45) is thoughtfully distilled from organic yellow corn and crafted in partnership with a co-op of over 900 Minnesota farmers. Besides getting a deliciously smooth drink, you also get the pleasure of knowing it's probably the most eco-friendly item in your home. The fifth-generation owned Phillips Distilling Company take care all the way from the field to the bottle with Prairie. It's packaged in a recyclable glass bottle, packed in a kraft cardboard box made from sustainable forest wood pulp, and uses organic inks on the labels. Even corncobs and other leftovers are converted on-site to biogas energy for powering the stills. It's just about enough to make you drink more.

  • Wyborowa Single Estate Vodka

    A lot of vodkas today are mass produced, with brands having vodka coming from several distilleries. Wyborowa Single Estate Vodka (approx. $35) bucks this trend by using a single distillery and team to create a consistent, smooth vodka. For a vodka that uses small-batch distillation, they sure didn’t get a small-fry to design the bottle — design legend Frank Gehry designed the bottle, guaranteeing it will look great behind your bar or in your liquor cabinet. [Thanks, Steven]

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