Bed Tent

Turn your bed into a private cocoon with the Bed Tent. This self-explanatory sleep accessory can attach to nearly any bed, blocking out unwanted light and providing privacy where there was none — making it extremely well-suited to dorms and barracks. It has zip doors on both sides, mesh windows at the head and foot of the bed that can provide added airflow or close for added privacy, and zipper pulls on the inside and outside that make it as easy to exit as it is to enter. Available in a host of colors in sizes ranging from Toddler to King.

  • Mt Saint Helens Eruption Candle

    The 1980 eruption of Washington's Mount St. Helens was the most devastating volcanic event in American history. Not only did the incident cause catastrophic damage to its surroundings, but also produced a landslide, replacing a portion of the terrain with a mile-wide crater. That historic moment is now memorialized in the Mt Saint Helens Eruption Candle. Using LiDAR elevation data and a 3D printer, the cast concrete base is an exact replica of the current state of the mountain, while the candle insert adds the missing summit lost during the eruption. As the candle burns, the melting wax recreates the historic event. Each base comes with two pure beeswax candles made in Portland, Oregon.

  • Brooklinen Move-In Bundle

    You will sleep for 233,000 hours in your life. Take your bedding seriously. The Brooklinen Move-In Bundle combines their best-selling products in a single pack to overhaul your bed. It includes a 7-piece Hardcore set of 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets, a Canadian Hutterite down comforter and 2 Dual-Core Pillows, which are pretty important considering they support your noggin all night. All Brooklinen products are OEKO-TEX certified to be free of harmful chemicals, and come in a crisp, clean white. Whether you're buying it as a gift, treating yourself to an upgrade, or actually moving in to your first place, this set has everything you need to sleep more soundly.

    Presented by Brooklinen.

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