Beddit Sleep Tracking Device

Improve your health by learning more about the way you rest with the Beddit Sleep Tracking Device ($99). While it's certainly not the first sleep monitor to hit the consumer market, it's one of the only ones that you don't need to wear when you sleep. The sensor comes in the form of an adhesive strip that goes underneath your sheets and connects to your smartphone over bluetooth — no armbands or headbands necessary. The iOS app tracks your sleep schedule, your heart rate, your snoring, and your breathing, giving you reliable data and tips that help you improve your sleep, and your life.

  • Ivee Voice-Activated Assistant

    We've witnessed a huge evolution in the so-called "internet of things" — connected devices that make your home more automated and intuitive. From WiFi-enabled outlets, to robotic vacuums, to thermostats, nearly everything can be controlled from a phone. But, pulling out your phone, cueing up an app, and tapping a few buttons to turn down the heat can be cumbersome. The Ivee Voice-Activated Assistant ($179) solves that problem. With simple voice commands you can adjust the temperature, set an alarm, dim the lights, turn on the radio, and more, all without lifting a finger. With a completely-open developer platform allowing third parties to integrate various services and devices, it seems like this is only the beginning. [Scouted by Frank]

  • Concrete Charger

    Wireless induction chargers don't need to look like space-aged objects circa 1984 — as evidenced by the Concrete Charger ($TBA). This piece of modern art won't look out of place in your apartment thanks to a minimalist aesthetic that doesn't draw too much attention to itself. Two induction chargers (based on the Qi standard that accommodates a range of devices) let you charge a tablet and phone at the same time, while a soft cork top won't scratch or chip your tech. Available in July.

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