Beer Holster

Beer Holster

You might not be an outlaw from Deadwood, but you can still do a quick draw from the hip with this leather beer holster ($30). It slides onto any standard belt and holds a 12 oz. can or bottle. The holster isn't just for laughs either — it'd be super handy for grilling and other outdoor activities. See you at high noon.

  • Transparent Canoe-Kayak

    You can check out all of the aquatic action going on beneath you with this unique hybrid canoe-kayak ($1,600). Its transparent hull — which is made of the same material as the cockpit canopies of fighter jets — lets you and a mate enjoy the underwater sights. The canoe has a lightweight anodized aluminum frame for easy transportation, and comes with two double-headed paddles, a water bailer and two flotation devices.

  • Gas-Powered Remote Controlled Speedboat

    Raise some hell out on the lake this summer with this gas-powered remote controlled speedboat from Hammacher Schlemmer. The 5' long boat ($1500) is propelled by a 24cc Fuji engine that uses regular gasoline and 2-cycle oil, and reaches speeds up to 35 mph. It's got a fiberglass hull, a large 65mm stainless steel propellor, and is controlled by a dual-servo, two-channel handheld remote. The best part? The boat comes pre-assembled, so you can rip open the package and start slicing up the water without a ton of assembly.

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