Get a grip on your beer can with the Beerhandle ($10). This ingenious drinking accessory snaps securely onto your favorite can of suds, giving you a better hold on the can, and keeping your hand from prematurely warming up your beer. Fantastic. [Thanks, Sam]

  • Tenori-on

    Part toy, part instrument, all geeky goodness. The Tenori-on ($1,200) is an electronic musical instrument that lets you create music by manipulating a series of buttons and a dial that control the type of sound and beats per minute produced, and a screen consisting of a 16x16 grid of LED switches. A magnesium frame gives the device a nice feel, while a pair of built-in speakers let you hear what's going on. You can even connect them to create a shiny, beep-enabled band. We love it. [via]

  • SpeaQualiser

    Add a little funk to your listening station with the SpeaQualizer ($40). This table-top gadget uses a functional animated equalizer to bring your music to life with flashing, jumping light bars in shades of red, blue, and green. It runs on 4 AAA batteries, so you can take the party with you, and its microphone, which is made to work best in "environments with loud music," gives you yet another excuse to crank the volume to eleven.

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